The Kimball's Super 8 Wedding Film

Jaimie and Logan Kimball

Their love story is to die for! They met at a classic rollerskating rink in Utah where a lot of my friends from California would go on Thursdays to skate for $1. They were both super good at rollerskating and so one thing led to the next and Logan eventually proposed to Jaimie at the roller rink. So we knew wanted to somehow incorporate rollerskating into their pre wedding video. Since they were going to California semi frequently to visit Logans family we decided to shoot them rollerskating around Logans hometown. At first we were thinking of going to Newport since the boardwalk is popular for blader’s and skaters, but I liked how Doheny had all the painted blue whales on the sidewalk and wider pathways which made it easier for me to skate alongside them.

PRO TIP - Filming in roller skates is a fantastic way to keep up a fast pace while maintaining a stabilized camera when shooting subjects, however do so at your own risk!! lol when looking into a Super 8 camera i have no idea where I am going or if I am about to hit a pebble so I usually have an assistant to warn me of danger.

Pre Wedding Locations: Doheny State Beach, Sand Dunes, Utah

Wedding Venue: The Studio Draper

This wedding Venue was SO COOL! If you’re into vintage stuff the Studio Draper used to be an old school that they restored and turned into a wedding venue. The lighting was natural and bright which was also huge plus for me and the photographer.

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Allison Kohler