The Johnson's Super 8 Wedding Film

Mckenna and Jake Johnson

Mckenna and Jake are both some of my really close friends so we basically turned their pre wedding filming into a little road trip down to California which really added to the authenticity and intimacy of the film. One of my favorite shots is at the beginning when Jake is peeing around some Joshua Trees in the Mojave Desert because my goal as a videographer is to make the film look like it was filmed by the couple and not me, so that candid shot added a home-video kind of feel that I always try to capture. Shooting around southern California triggered so much nostalgia to back when I had lived there in high school which was bittersweet, but fun nonetheless.

Funny story, I ended up splitting up with Jake and Kenna so I could buy a VolksWagon bus in San Diego with my mom and it took us two weeks to get home cause it kept breaking down in the desert between Vegas and Utah lol. This was definitely a trip to remember.

Pre Wedding Shooting Locations: Three Arch Bay Laguna Beach, San Onofre Beach San Clemente.

The Venue: Triunfo Creek Vineyards

Film Stock: 3 Rolls of 500T Kodak Film

Camera: Bell & Howell Auto Zoom


Full Length Edit

Allison Kohler