4 Ways to Wear your Husbands Trousers in 30 Seconds

Its so hard to find good straight leg plaid pants for women! The plaid is either to pajama-y or the cut is too tight or too baggy, so I decided to steal my husbands pants and throw some outfits together before I went to work. Menswear has been a huge trend for the past couple of years so don’t be afraid and AT LEAST try out a few of these outfits. I recommend going thrifting for some vintage trousers (not only cause your gonna save money and save the environment) but usually old dress pants have a higher rise which looks better if you’r going to cinch the pants with a belt.


The pine green hue of the trousers I’m wearing in the video is really trending this spring and summer, but the orange and yellow plaid makes it a good transitional piece from winter to spring. Not to summer-y and not too Christmas-y.

But whether your pants are green, black, or gray these are some great styling tips that you can apply to make menswear trousers a little more casual and feminine. I added some links to similar items throughout my outfit descriptions to help give you some ideas on what you can buy if you don’t have some of these pieces.

So feel free to watch the video for some style tips and then I’ll go into further detail about the outfits below!

LOOK ONE: Throw a neutral colored sweater on

The first outfit I put together was a business casual outfit with a short sleeved knit sweater and a Madewell bandana. I chose a brown sweater and a mustard scarf because I felt like it made the orange plaid pop. When mixing colors or patterns its really important to try and keep it all within a cohesive color scheme, and for the most part don’t mix cool colors with their warm counter part! But, If you don’t want to complicate it just throw on a sweater that’s neutral like cream, gray, or black and your good to go! If I could change one thing about this outfit I throw on some heels to make it a little more professional.

LOOK TWO: Style it with a Boho blouse and Mules

This is a very springy/summery look that would be adorable to where to the mall, to a bridal shower, or even to work! I’d consider this a semi casual ensemble, but still very chic and put-together. I got my blouse from Free People and these white mules made by Everlane are eco friendly and would be a great alternative to mine. Make sure you tuck in your blouse because you don’t want to drown out your feminine silhouette when wearing baggy trousers with a loose blouse.

LOOK THREE: Pair the trousers with a Denim Jacket and a Band Tee

This outfit would be so cute for going to the movies or running errands around town, truly an effortless look. I put on a yellow beanie to again bring out the accent colors in the plaid pants but black would have worked too. I am wearing a Levi’s Denim jacket and faux leather (cruelty free) H&M Chelsea Boots. If your pants are gray, black or less colorful in general, I’d put on a graphic tee or a colored turtleneck. I really like the eclectic look so even though my pants are already colorful I still paired it with a vintage Cure shirt, but you can wear a plain tee with this outfit as well!

LOOK FOUR: Layer with a Sherpa Jacket and Tie a Hair Scarf.

The sherpa jacket really adds some textural balance to this outfit and if your like me, you probably snagged a few teddy jackets or sherpa jackets fall and winter 2018, but that trend isn’t quite over yet! This is the casual version of the first outfit, which Is my personal favorite because it is the perfect combination of feminine and masculine.

Hopefully I helped give everyone some good tips and tricks!